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Irish Take on the Cyclones

November 18, 2019

Having lost five games over the season, they are mixed bag of potential upset and being the expected easy win.

The Camping World Bowl is only a few days away… but first:

National Letter of Intents Signed

Notre Dame wrapped up a successful recruiting campaign yesterday cracking the top 10 in most rankings. Notre Dame was able to land every recruit they wanted. That is to say, there are only certain football players that fit the mold to play for Notre Dame. Only the ones that fit that specific mold can be considered recruits. And yet, Notre Dame landed two 5-star recruits.

On to the Cyclones

Iowa State has played in some exciting games this season merely because they played up to the competition to some degree. Having lost five games over the season, they are mixed bag of potential upset and being the expected easy win.

In game two of the season, the Cyclones were trying to defeat their in-state rival, Iowa. The game was low scoring, but Iowa (ranked #19 at the time) held on to win 18-17. Fast forward to game four against Baylor. Baylor held on to avoid the upset with a 23-21 victory. Two games now lost by a combined three points. Ouch.

The game that really sticks out is Oklahoma. The Cyclones lost by one point (yet again), but this time it was 42-41 against the #9 ranked team in the country (now a playoff bound team). This stands as their best game played even though it resulted in a loss.

Seven and Five for a Reason

At the end of the day, it is Iowa State. Yes, their offense can make plays. But from looking over their stats, points, record, etc. The glaring standout is that the teams they beat mostly finished with losing records.

They beat TCU who finished the season 5-7.

They beat West Virginia who also finished 5-7.

They beat Texas Tech who finished 4-8.

They beat Kansas who finished 3-9.

In fact, of all their wins, only two teams had a winning record. Texas matched the Cyclones with a 7-5 record to finish the regular season. The Cyclones also beat Northern Iowa who finished 10-5, but it took them three overtimes just to win 29-26.

Iowa State is just not that worrisome when looking at the entire picture of their accomplishments in 2019.

Notre Dame is Just Better


Sep 14, 2019; South Bend, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish quarterback Ian Book (12) hands off to running back Tony Jones Jr. (6) in the first quarter against the New Mexico Lobos at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame (10-2) facing Iowa State (7-5) is not the most desirable game for fans and college football as a whole. Notre Dame is expected to win. A loss would be absolutely embarrassing. In fact, after looking over the unimpressive wins that Iowa State has had, a loss is unacceptable.

Don’t Fret

Notre Dame is just better. Offensively, Ian Book has climbed out of the funk that he fell into earlier in the season. Notre Dame has been firing on all cylinders offensively and defensively the last several games.

Ian Book has set the pace in establishing himself as the starting quarterback for 2020 (unless he enters the NFL draft). With Kmet, Finke, Claypool, Tremble and Lenzy playing well, Book has too many weapons for the ill-equipped Iowa State Cyclones.

“But they played against Oklahoma and almost won!” That game, if you go back and watch, was one of very little defense. Touchdowns were scored nearly every possession for both teams. Oklahoma will find out what it is like to have subpar defense when they face off against Clemson in the playoffs.

Notre Dame has a great defense. That defense is well-rested. There are players that are looking to impress scouts in one last game. There are players hoping to make a mark that carries over into 2020. Iowa State doesn’t have a chance.

Notre Dame 49

Iowa State 14 (one garbage time touchdown against the backups)

–Jason Pruitt, Chief Editor

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