About Us

In 2015, Jason and Nathan Hendrix took their passion for Notre Dame Football to the next level and established the Dos Leprechauns podcast. 7 years later the live broadcast has grown to over 15,000 loyal and passionate fans, fast becoming a household name in the community.

The bi-weekly podcast is a unique and essential experience for every Notre Dame fan. Co-hosts Jason and Nathan Hendrix have created a platform that brings together former and current players as well as opinions from analysts and writers. Guests have included Marc Edwards (NFL Super Bowl Champion, ND Fullback), Gerome Sapp (6 year NFL career, ND Safety), Rick Mirer (historical ND Quarterback), Terry Hanratty (National Championship Quarterback and 2 time Super Bowl winner), and Rocky Bleier (National Champion, Super Bowl Champion, American Hero).

Listeners participate in contests, call-ins, giveaways and can all engage with the hosts at events including tailgates at all home games and two away game tailgates. Special projects have spun off from the podcast like sending a veteran and one guest to an ND game every year.

Dos Leprechauns has established itself within a niche following of Notre Dame football fans, who are loyal and passionate about the team. Jason and Nathan have formed a close connection with their audience of engaged listeners. The father and son team have gained supporter trust over the years and will continue to do so in upcoming seasons.

Dos Leprechauns strongly believes in helping others and has raised funds for multiple people in need in the local community.